Welcome to Chingón Hot Sauces!  Thanks for Stopping By...
Burn Locally

We believe and fully support the notion that the best products are produced by local craftspeople.  Our hot sauces are 100% handcrafted and
bottled in San Diego, California using all natural ingredients, including fresh chilies and lime juice - no chemical preservatives, oils, or extracts.  
With three heats to choose from ~ Big Rojo (Mild), Maquina Verde (Medium), and Stupid Hot (Stupidly HOT) ~ we've got a sauce to please every palate! 

So, "Burn Locally", and enjoy the most chingón SoCal hot sauce...

Thank you for your support!

BTW, what does "Chingón" mean? 
Chingón: noun/pronounced "cheen-gone" - Chingón is a Mexican colloquial word derived from the verb chingar, and can be can be used in several ways.
It refers to something that is cool, very good, boss, or more suiting to our hot sauces, kick-ass! 

Chingón Hot Sauces
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